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Looking for recipes that turn food, nutrition, and health science into healthy, delicious, homemade meals? Look no further than this blog page!

April 4, 2017

It's no exaggeration that this Chinese five spice black berry Hoisin BBQ ribs is work free to make. Even better, it's life saving. I just served it over the weekend, while as usual I sucked all the way through baking, decorating, cutting, and eating (my body doesn't like sugar at all) the cake, didn't finish preparation for the kids' activity before party started, in the end, the party was still well enjoyed by guests, all bec...

May 6, 2016


Looking for Mother's day treat? Here is one you can make if you can stir and spoon. It tastes like chocolate bars you get from a chocolate factory 2 hours away with many dollars, if not better.



3/4 cup peanut butter

6 tbsp coconut oil

4 tbsp cacao powder

4 tbsp honey (raw honey is fine)

1 cup almond silvered (lightly toast it for best aroma)

2 egg yolk (hard boiled, mashed) (optional)

2 tbsp plant protein powder (option...

April 8, 2016

This recipe is easy, tasty, healthy, and gluten-free. Usually meat patty is made of several ingredients. Use of potato chips (sea salt and cracked black pepper flavor) reduces the number of ingredients to three, yet seasons the patty just right, at least for me. , binds the batter well, and makes it gluten-free in place of the usual binding ingredient-bread crumbs. Thanks to potato chips coming to rescue.


As far as m...

February 22, 2016

In my first cooking post: Is Gluten-Free Diet For You?, I promised a series of delicious gluten free recipes. Here it is the first recipe as promised.


This is a balanced, nutrient dense, and low calorie meal with amazing aroma and taste. You'll feel satisfied before you're overly full. You won't suffer nutrient deficiency or imbalance while overfed at the same time if you eat meals like this as often as possible. Besides that,...

January 21, 2016

 "Cookies, cakes, ribs, sauces and yogurt, mom, your food making goes through phases". My nine years old commented one day.


Exactly. What phase am I in now? Gluten-free. Why not start my cooking blog page with the story of my gluten-free conviction and a series of gluten-free recipes.


Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity diagnosis are the two undisputable reasons that gluten (a protein composite found in several typ...

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