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If you think you are reaching out to all of your online prospects, think again!


Welcome to ThePhDHomemaker's Media page.


Here you will find all the information you need to advertise on ThePhDHomemaker


If this is your first visit to this site, I recommend that you read ThePhDHomemaker's home page to know more about the homemaker behind and all this website has to offer.

An Introduction to ThePhDHomemaker


Hi, I’m Caiping Su– the person behind ThePhDHomemaker – and your point of contact for all media related inquiries. Let me give you an overview of the website and some of the advertisement options available for your business.


As a full time homemaker for many years, I found homemaking is a job demanding the most diverse abilities on the person. Whenever there is a group of homemakers, we are always consulting each other for the best method, material, and philosophy to do better jobs and live healthier, happier and easier lives. The ones who have already been on the job are mostly influencers and advisors to the new homemakers. ThePhDHomemaker was started in December 2015 as a hobby to help new homemakers become better at what they do and live healthier, happier, younger and easier lives.


 This website focuses on the following themes:

  • Parents guides

  • Educational materials

  • Cooking equipment

  • Recipes

  • Kitchen appliances and food processing machines

  • Sewing machines, notions, supplies and techniques

  • Gardening: indoor, outdoor, vertical, drip irrigation

  • Homemaking tools and project

  • Coupons and deals to save $$$

  • Tested working at home opportunities

  • Starting a home based business


ThePhDHomemaker's mission is to help newer homemakers and alike to become the best at what they do, live healthier, happier, easier and richer lives than they start with.


Traffic Stats

In the past three years, I have been learning how to set up a website to  blog. Along the way, I found I had:



  • About 600 Followers across  all media


With the learning done and with the new year of 2019 coming, I plan to jump up my site traffic by posting regularly in my niche topics here and across social medias. So the best is to come. If you have any queries regarding traffic, please drop me an email.


Advertisement and Partnership Opportunities


Recognizing that every partnership is different, I offer you with a variety of advertisement solutions. 

I seek out long-term partnerships with businesses who are committed to delivering top quality and innovative products or services that are homemaker-centric.

Here are some available advertising opportunities that I offer at ThePhDHomemaker. Depending upon your individual marketing strategy, you can pick one or create a custom bundle suited to your needs.

Product Review: 

I not only write comprehensive reviews, I also share tutorials and guides to using your product. If your product is in sync with my followers and the topics of the blog, drop me an email with details and we can discuss rates.

I’m a strong believer that “one price doesn’t fit all” and that’s why, depending upon the specific product, I will come out a custom quote for the review. My base rate starts at $500.

Display Ads:

Here are the available spots:

  • (468-728)*60 Header: $600/month
  • (468-728)*90 Header: $900/month
  • (468-728)*60 after post: $1200
  • (468-728)*90 after post: $1800
  • 300*600 Sidebar: $1800/monthth
  • 160*600 Sidebar: $1500/month
  • 120*600 Sidebar: $1200/month
  • 300*250 Sidebar: $550/month
  • 300*250 in-post: $750/month

If you have a different size of display ads from the above listed, please contact me for a custom quote.



I accept giveaway offers. It's a win-win job and a lot of fun to run giveaway campaigns. I can't wait to do it for you and Thephdhomemaker.



If you have a creative idea or specific requirement for ad placement, feel free to contact me.


Payment Mode:

I accept payments via PayPal, Business check, Popmoney or ACH Bank Deposit.