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A Simple Idea To Organize And Store Backpacks and Bags

February 5, 2016


Do you and your family have many backpacks and bags? Where and how do you organize and store them when they aren't on your backs or shoulders? Do they go on door knobs, dinning tables, study desks, or floor? Do you want to better organize and store them so your house is less cluttered?


For quick grab and go, in my family, just my 4th grader alone has several backpacks and bags-two school backpacks (one she uses, the other one had a broken zipper which was fixed and became an extra), snow pants and gears bag, gymnastic bag, swimming bag, piano lesson bag, arts class bag. They go on door knobs, study desk and floor. I became sick of them being everywhere in the house. I'm not super-organized but I'd like to better organize things in my house. Whenever I find time to organize certain kind of things or an area of our house, it's so mentally rewarding. It's a great feeling that no numbers or monetary value can be put on. I want to do it more. For the backpacks and bags in our life, I want them to be in one place, easy to grab and go-that is on our exit route. Once that's done, next step is to consolidate them and get rid of some of the bags that aren't used any more.


At the end of our laundry room just inside our garage door, there is an open closet with shelves for books. At the bottom of the shelves, there is a bar for haning coats I guess. But it's not tall enough for long cots which will be on floor. We hang our coats in another tall closet inside the front door of our house. So I decid this is a place all the backpacks and bags should go. The idea is simple: they will hang on the bar with S hooks. I also have a tool box under it so the bottom of the backpacks and bags gently sit on it, so time won't break the straps on the backpacks or bags nor do they pull too much weight on the shelves. Mission is already half accomplished without me doing anything yet. The other half is to find the right S hooks. 


                                          4' Oak Murphy Door Fully Assembled Unstained


My first thought was to try curtain hooks available in any home decor store. Unfortunately they are too narrow for the bar to go though. Then I decided to pay a visit to the hobby store just outside of my front door. It didn't take me long to find something I like. The bad news is they are pricy than I planned to spend. The good news is they are 50% off. So I took all the hooks on its shelf home and the project is done.


The only tip for you is to measure the diameter of the bar for the S hooks before go shopping, make sure the large end of the hook is wide enough for the bar to go through, or do a little bit of research online before you go.



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Boys Should Be Boys

January 22, 2016

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