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10 Things That Sound Good On Any Gardener's Wish List

February 16, 2016



In the early summer of 2015, I finally had a few minutes, I went outside and stuck a dozen of seeds of zucchini, cumcumber, tomato and eggplant each in the soil of a corner at my backyard. (I usually plant two or three seeds in one spot).

There was also a waste bin for decompsosable matters in that corner. Over the course of 8 years my family has been living in the house, the waste bin became filled up with weeds I pulled from the corner, fallen leaves, tree branches and went down as things decomposed many times. I wanted to remove it from the corner and make space for the planting, so I just casually applied all of the compost on top of the soil of the small corner.


Boy! It must be because of the rich compost made in several years of time. The zucchini and cucumber were crazy productive. I kept harvesting several of them each every a few days. There was no way my family of four could consume them all fresh even though we were having them everyday one way or another. I gave the extra to my daughter's teachers, our friends, neighbours, or whoever came to our door. I got a kick out of the receivers' look when they saw how big the zucchini were. I'm sure they were more surprised when they ate them because they were super tender, juicy, sweet, and tasty. Not only I had a great feeling because I had something to give. I also found our grocery bill was noticeably reduced during the summer. When the fridge was running low, instead of going to store to buy grocery, I picked zucchini and cumcumber from the backyard corner. Now which made me ambitious. I want to significantly reduce my grocery bill. I want to grow more vegetables next season; I want to grow more variety of vegetables next season. Ambitions usually mean impatient. I can't wait for the next gardening season. Unfortunately, living in Wisconsin means next outdoor gardening season isn't coming until April, May, even June.


Perhaps I should start winter indoor gardening I thought. I had already thoght of indoor herbs container gardening before (I use several herbs in cooking regularly. Store bought herbs are not only expensive, they don't stay fresh long). I started to search in that direction...


 The search is complete at my first finding when I stumped upon Peter Burke's Year-Round Indoor Salad Gardening: How to Grow Nutrient-Dense, Soil-Sprouted Greens in Less Than 10 days. At first I was hooked by the first two words in the title: Year-Round and Indoor. When I read a little, got to the 10 things on his wish list they sound exactly what I'm looking for , they are wishes of any gardener's. I have finished reading, taking notes and digesting the information in the book. (BTW, it's an easy reading. I liked his writing. The book has 5 out of 5 review on Amazon). What he did in the book can be done by others, me and you.  


Although spring and summer will come. I'm starting this gardening adventure before spring and summer are here and then along the outdoor vegetable gardening in the summer as they compliment each other as far as the varieties and the products they produce. So please subscribe to my blog post to take advantage of my lessons, feedbacks and tips, or get the book and get ahead of me. If you do, would you share your experiences, feedbacks and tips?  



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The PhD Homemaker is where I justify my homemaker title with a Pretty High Degree (PhD). Kidding. 

Boys Should Be Boys

January 22, 2016

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