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6 Pairs Of Potty Training Pants In Under 2 Hours (Part 1)

January 26, 2016


Several years ago when I was potty training my first child, it was impossible to find potty training pants that are comfortable, trim, training and waterproof all in one.


I tried many brands of potty training pants on my daughter. Some are comfortable, trim, training but not waterproof, such as Gerber Cloth Potty Training Pants which means urine still gets to outer pants, runs down to socks and shoes, car seat, high chair or daddy's lap. Some are the worst manmade thing I have ever bought such as Gerber Plastic Potty Training Pants , if you can imagine a toddler walks around wearing a plastic bag which is nothing comfortable, trim, training or waterproof. Because when you take the pants off, urine still makes a mess everywhere. Some are close to be acceptable as having all-in-one. They are of smaller, less well known brand, well made, comfortable, kind of baggy, kind of training and waterproof but they didn't work for my daughter. Because my daughter has average waist and narrow than average thighs. If the pants fitted at waist they were leaky at leg openings. That was a problem. And I'm a problem solver.


I started to solve the problem by identifying the cause of the problem: they were pre-made based on statistic of average toddler's measurements, not to my daughter's individual measurements. In order for potty training pants to be truely waterproof, leg openings must be snug fit. In order for the leg opening to fit just perfect, there must be a formula to decide the length of elastic used at leg openings based on the individual's thigh measurements. That's exactly I did by trial and error. With the formula I have made pants for customers whoes two legs are different sizes due to accidents suffered.


Next I researched materials to use. The next to skin material must be safe and comfortable. The middle material needs to be water absorbent, holds water yet dries quickly. The outer material must be waterproof and be fabric (I hate plastic as clothes. Do you?).


Then I bought a sewing machine. Oh well, I have never sewn before. And I'm no designer either. It took me a few months to learn and come up with the first two pairs of potty training pants for my daughter. Unfortunately by then she was almost potty trained. She gladly wore the pants I made and I prayed for her to have accidents to see how the pants would hold up to test. My prayers were answered for a few times. Surprisingly there was no single spot of urine elsewhere. I saw that as a great help to parents who have toddlers in potty traing stage. Also I needed to solve another problem: get the money I spent on buying the sewing machine and materials back.


So I set up a Etsy shop to sell my handmade waterproof potty training pants. I make them based on individual child's body measurements of waist, thigh, and rise. I was humbled by customers' 5 star feedback and comments and was skeptical at the same time because I had first hand experience with limited chances on one child only. Then in 2014 I had a second child. Now I'm potty training him. After using his sister's old potty training pants on him, I'm confirmed it's a 5 star creation. I made three new pairs for him. Now which leads into another problem: it takes a bit of time to make one pair of the waterproof potty training pants in that fashion, which lasts two children's potty training. I always have a problem of not enough time for everything. With two children, time is even a bigger problem than before. I think many people have the same problem as I do. And I'm done with having more kids, I don't need the pants to last longer than one kid's potty trainnig. Anyone in the same situation? Follow along!


I set out to solve the problem and I think I did. Now I can make 6 pairs of potty training pants in under 2 hours which is about one-third of the time it takes to make my 5 start 100% waterproof potty training pants. Based on my experience with my son, I give it 4.8 out of 5 rating.


I intended to show you how to make them, tips and secrets and what costs the 0.2 out of 5 but realized this post is getting long. To solve that, I decided to split it in two posts. If you are interested in how to make 6 pairs of waterproof potty training pants in under 2 hours, please subscribe to my blog to be the first to know how to make them or where to get them.  

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January 22, 2016

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