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DIY Montessori Dressing Frames for Fastening Games

January 28, 2019


Does your child have problem buttoning their shirts or tying their shoes? How do you help them to learn to do it?


In the Montessori MethodDr. Montessori created a series of dressing frames, which she called the fastening games for children to practice practical life skills. Through the use of such toys, the children can practically analyse the movements necessary in dressing and undressing themselves, and can prepare themselves separately for these movements by means of repeated exercise. Thus, parents or teachers can succeed in teaching the child to dress himself without his really being aware of it, that is, without any direct or arbitrary command he is lead to his mastery.


Dr. Montessori started her work with deficient children. The difference is plainly seen from the fact that the same materials, such as dressing frames, used with deficient children makes education possible, while with normal children it provokes auto-education.

Provoking children's auto-education is a huge part in the Montessori education and the difference from common parents' and others' practices which give direct commands or do the movements for the children. 


For Montessori dressing frames, as far as I know, there are 12 frames. There are usually kept standing in wooden box stand or in a wooden shelf stand. They are quite expensive. In this ebook, I show how to make six of the most common dressing frames using used toddler clothes. And I decided to hang them on a wall at the height of 3- to 4- year old in his activity center. If you have a two or three years old child, it's perfect time to make these toys for them. Hope this ebook with step by step photographs and descriptions will come in handy as reference.


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Happy making, parenting, and educating!


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The PhD Homemaker is where I justify my homemaker title with a Pretty High Degree (PhD). Kidding. 

Boys Should Be Boys

January 22, 2016

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